1940 Battle of Britain

(July 10, 1940 - October 31, 1940)

Students Assigned:
  • Cody Frock-3 pieces of information, won, citations, 1 picture, primary source
  • Nate River- 3 pieces of information, significance, citations, 1 picture, creation of first hand account
Battle of Britain Memorial

  • Shortly after France was defeated, Hitler commanded that generals organize an attack on Britain, Germany's last great enemy in the West.

  • Generals expressed concerns about the British air force because British air crafts could do bad damage to their German troops.

  • Hitler made the announcement to postpone the attacks on Britain until the air force was destroyed or taken under control.

  • The German air force captured the skies over Great Britain to prepare for invasion of the country.

  • After bombing airfields and towns, Germans realized that the British spirits would not be dampened and they would continue to fight back fiercely.

  • By October in 1940, the Germans had to postpone plans for a sea invasion due to the fact that the British were not giving up.

  • Britain won the battle because the kept their air force and didn’t let their aircrafts get destroyed during the attack. Hitler could not be successful because Britain ruled the attack from the air.

the Nazi party attacking the Britain air force

Who Won?: The British! After the Germans realized that they were not going to be able to defeat Britain's army or air force, they left the country and went home.

Primary Source:


Pilot Officer John Beard describes some of his experiences fighting as part of the British air force.

Nazi bikers invading Britain

Real Experience

I was 10 years old when the Nazi party came to Britain. They attack and attempted to capture our country. When my friends and I walked down the street, we could see the Nazi foot soldiers killing many

women, men, and children. We weren't sure if we should yelling for help or just get away fast. I didn't like the feeling of having my country under such brutal attacks. Thankfully, our army stayed strong enough to fight back until Germany gave up.

Significance: Generals were ready to cut a deal with Hitler and after the defeat of the British air force and surrender, it just didn't happen. After France fell, the British thought the war was over but it was not and they didn't have any real allies and they felt surrounded.


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